On The Go Moving is a reputable moving company in Seattle and Western Washington that locates and transports your luggage, belongings and other valuables with comfort and trust. Often the moves can be stressful but On The Go Moving helps you to reach your destinations with ease. It is a fully licensed and insured company. The move with On The Go Moving gives you peace of mind the way they take care of your belongings. Started in Bellevue, On The Go Moving and its owners are a product of many years of experience in the moving industry. The small but innovative management team came from different backgrounds with nothing but the customers’ needs and satisfaction in mind. They only hire those who pay attention to the important of customer service. With competitive rates that fit into clients’ budget, On The Go Moving serves in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond area, and more.


  • Small residential moving services
  • Large residential moving services
  • Business moving services
  • Commercial moving services
  • Senior moving services
  • Storage services


  • Two movers and one truck – $110 per hour
  • Three movers and one truck – $150 per hour
  • Five movers and one truck $190 per hour
  • Five movers and two trucks – $260 per hour
  • Six movers and two movers – $300 per hour

The staff provides all equipment necessary to assemble/disassemble furniture as needed. They ensure all protection not only for client’s future but also for their homes as well. They bring all the floor protection for carpets and hardwoods.


Whenever anyone wants to move somewhere, On The Go Moving proves to be a reliable choice because of their flexibility. No matter how small or large your business is, On The Go Moving team will accommodate everything with the equipment and manpower needed for the job. The biggest problem that most businesses face when they move to new locations is the risk of loss of productivity due to downtime. But On The Go Moving team have the abilities to move things fast so that you may get back to your business in no time.


In addition to the moving plans, On The Go Moving also provides labor-only service for those who have or prefer using their transportation. The service makes it easier to hire the manpower you need to load or unload your belongings between the upstairs or downstairs. Labor-only moving services also include the tools and equipment needed. The labor-only service has two movers with a cost of $90 per hour that increases $40 per hour with one additional mover.


On The Go Moving also provides packing services in addition to the prices of the packing material used. They can pack and move the same day or pack one day and move the day two.


On The Go Moving provides three types of supplemental valuation insurance for your moves:

  • Basic value protection: it is free of charge, and basic compensation rate is 60 per pound for an item that is damaged.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage with $300 Deductible: The cost of this insurance is $1.15 per $100.00 of value for the entire shipment.
  • Replacement Value Protection: The cost of this insurance is $1.40 per $100.00 of value for the entire shipment